Path of the Shadow

The Path of the Shadow represents a proactive protector of allies or a charge. Many of the characters that follow this path are plains clothes bodyguards or similarly agile guardians who focus on putting a threat down quickly and forcing attacks to deal with them over going after their target by virtue of the danger they suddenly present.

Tier 1

You are highly motivated when it comes to felling those who would threaten your allies, and quite adept at taking advantage of the distractions those facing multiple opponents suffer from.

You receive a +1 circumstance bonus on attack rolls against enemies threatening an ally.

Tier 2

You are ever watchful for any attempt to harm your allies and have learned to adopt an aggressive posture in combat allowing you to readily punish those lash out at them.

Enemies attacking adjacent allies provoke an attack of opportunity from you, though this consequence will be clear before hand to any foe trained in close quartered combat.

Tier 3

When an enemy charges one of your allies you may as an immediate interrupt move up to half your speed to intercept their charge.

Tier 4

You can choose to accrue Onslaught in place of an adjacent ally.

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Path of the Shadow

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