There are three general archetypes that players can choose from. Each of these archetypes then contains sub-options for fine tuning the style in which a character fulfils that role. These archetypes put no restrictions on characters but gives them free access to abilities and traits that are used for there stated role. Characters are not expected to only bring abilities of any one archetype but to use an archetype to acquire a core for their character to build off of with CDP.

The Paths presented are not intended to be exhaustive, but illustrative. If a character concept would be well served by the existence of a new path then one can be created.

Each archetype has 4 tiers. Each tier must be purchased in order and costs 1 point. Characters have 6 points to spend on archetypes.

The three main branches of character role are: Guardian, Slayer, and Enabler

The Guardian

The guardian archetype represents a character who’s primary focus is defence, both of themselves and of others. Guardians can range from heavily armoured bodyguards of a diplomat, to the shadowy guardian who protects from the shadows, and the tribal shaman who wards their allies against harm.

Path of the Iron Guard: This discipline is for durable defender who takes to the front lines and holds back the onslaught.
Path of the Shadow: This discipline is for a quick and agile defender who intercepts and deflects attacks aimed at their charge.
Path of the Abjurer: This discipline is for those who defend through the use of magical glyphs and wards.

The Slayer

The slayer archetype represents a character who specialises in offence. Again, this archetype is broad and can cover character of any nature whose focus is to rapidly kill their enemies whether through brute force, finely honed skill, or magical power.

Path of the Brute: This path is for those combatants who like to wade into a sea of enemies striking at all of those about them.
Path of the Duelist: This discipline represents those who use focus on felling a single foe in combat.
Path of the Scourge: Those who follow The Path of the Scourge are double-edged swords. A scourge does extra damage through sheer reckless abandon and brutality often leaving themself open to attack when not outright damaging themselves in their onslaught.

The Enabler

The enabler archetype is for character’s who enhance the abilities of their allies in order to succeed. This can be a wise battle leader guiding others to maximum effect, a sorcerer who awakens primal strength within their allies, or a duelist who cripples his enemies with his strikes to leave them vulnerable to further attack.

Path of the Marshal: The Marshal inspires those around them through daring feats and clever leadership, or perhaps the twisting of magic. The Path of the Marshal is for those who specialise in enhancing the abilities of their allies.
Path of Venom: This discipline is for those who weaken their enemies whether it be through poisons, crippling strikes, or magic.
Path of the Enchanter: This path is for those who specialise in sustained effects that can apply to either friend or foe.


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