Erdmann, The Geomancer

A dwarven priest of Grome.


Dwarf Level 6
Medium Humanoid
CDP: 70/70
Init +0; Senses Perception: +0


Ref 17 Fort 17 Will 18
Vitality 39 Wounds 19
DR 6/armour (Iron Body + Ironhide)


Speed 20ft
Stamina 11/22/33
Attack Gauntlet +6 melee (1d3 +3)


Str 16, Dex 10, Con 16, Int 14, Wis 20, Cha 8
1/2 Level Bonus 3
Improved Unarmoured Defense

Simple Weapon Prof – 0
Iron Body (Wis) – 6
Attribute Increase Wisdom x2 – 9+10 (19)
Attribute Increase Strength x2 – 6+6 (12)
Trained Spell (Mountain’s Roots) – 4
Trained Spell (Thrashing Earth) – 4
Trained Spell (Stone Pillar) – 4
Trained Spell (Tap Ley Line) – 4
Trained Manoeuvre (Fist of The Titan) – 4
Earthcaster Training – 13
Spell Access {Knock Prone; Damage (Physical); AoE(Burst); AoE(Cone); Push; Pull; Slide; Daze; Extra Stat (Strength);}
Bonus Feat (Great Fortitude)

Knowledge (Religion) +8, Knowledge (Nature) +5, Knowledge (Geography) +5, Sense Motive +11, Survival +11

Illyrian, Dwarven (Errounian), Gratspeak.


Mountain’s Roots
Stamina Cost: 4 for activation/2 per round sustained
Move Action Activate/Sustain — Spell, Personal
Requirement: Erdmann most be standing on stone or soil to use Mountain’s Roots.

Effect: With the casting of this spell Erdmann stomps one foot and digs it deep into the earth to connect himself in to world’s energies. While rooted in this way Erdmann increases his DR by 5 (wisdom mod) and gains Resist 5 Fire, Electricity, and Cold but has his reflex defense lowered by 4.

Thrashing Earth
Stamina Cost: 3 per round
Standard Action Activate/Minor Sustain — Spell, Personal
Requirement: Erdmann most be standing on stone or soil to use Thrashing Earth.

Effect: when Erdmann activates or sustains Thrashing Earth the stone and soil around him begins to writhe in great coils. All other creatures touching the ground within 10ft of Erdmann are subject to an attack from Thrashing Earth (Wisdom vs. Reflex/Fortitude) or be knocked prone and take 3 points damage (Strength modifier) from being tossed about by the rough cords of earth.

Stone Pillar
Stamina Cost: 6
Standard Action — Spell

With a great strain of physical exertion Erdmann slowly raises his arms and with them rises a great pillar of stone from the earth.

Effect: A pillar of natural stone up to 10ft in diameter and 10ft in height rises from the earth at a point within close range. This rising action will readily break through most materials that would impede its progress. The rising of the pillar is slow however. So any creature on the pillar can choose to quickly step off the rising pillar and it surfaces without difficulty. Someone choosing to exit the area in this way does treat this spell as an attack and will consequently receive a point of onslaught at the end of Erdmann’s turn.

Tap Ley Line
Stamina Cost: 2
Standard Action — Spell
Requirement: Erdmann most be standing on natural ground to use Tap Ley Line.

Erdmann draws power from the lines of power left by the primordials during the earth’s creation. A soft light pulsates up from the ground and surrounds Erdmann, helping to power his next spell.

Effect: The stamina cost of Erdmann’s next spell is reduced by 5 to a minimum of 1.

Fist of the Titan
Stamina Cost: 2
Standard Action — Manoeuvre/Spell Attack
Requirement: Can only be used with a gauntlet or unarmed attack.

Erdmann wreathes his fist in Grome’s power and knocks down those that would stand against a servant of the Living Mountain.

Effect: Erdmann makes an attack (Strength vs. Reflex) and adds his Wisdom modifier to damage in addition to strength. If this attack hits Erdmann makes a secondary attack (Wisdom vs. Fortitude) that if successful knocks the target prone.


Erdmann, The Geomancer

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