Adelinde, The Huntress


Human Level 6
Medium Humanoid
CDP: 70/70
Init +4; Senses Perception: +9


Ref 17(19 with shield) Fort 15 Will 16
Vitality 33 Wounds 15
DR 5/armour (Chain Shirt)


Speed 30ft (20ft
Stamina 8/17/25
Attack Heavy Crossbow +8 ranged (1d10 +4/ -2 to critical threshold);
Shortsword +7 melee (1d6 +2/ -2 to critical threshold)


Str 14, Dex 18, Con 11, Int 12, Wis 16, Cha 10
1/2 Level Bonus 3
Weapon Focus(Heavy Crossbow)
Point Blank Shot
Precise Shot
Rapid Reload (Heavy Crossbow)

Martial Weapon Prof – 4
Light Armour Prof. – 2
Attribute Increase Strength – 6
Trained Manoeuvre (Huntsman’s Shot) – 4
Trained Manoeuvre (Heart Shot ) – 4
Trained Manoeuvre (Over-wound Shot) – 4
Favoured Terrain II (Forests) – 6
Manoeuvre Specialisation (Extra Stat Dexterity) – 4
Bonus Skill Points (8) – 4
Animal Companion (Argus, EDL 6) – 16
Animal Companion (Artemis, EDL 6) – 16

Knowledge (Nature) +9; Sense Motive +9; Percpetion +9; Survival +9; Stealth +10; Climb +2; Swim +2

Illyrian, Sylvan (Astric)


Hunter’s Shot
Stamina Cost: 4
Standard Action – Ranged Attack

Adelinde knows how to still her breath and fire with incredible precision.

Effect: Adelinde makes an attack with a missile weapon with +2 to-hit and a bonus to the damage roll equal to her dexterity modifier.

Heart Shot
Stamina Cost: 6
Standard + Move Action – Ranged Attack

Years hunting in the forest has made Adelinde adept in taking down prey in a single well placed shot to a vital organ, typically the heart since it offers the greatest chance of still at least wounding should she miss her mark.

Effect: Heart Shot lowers the threshold for a critical hit on the target by 4. If Heart Shot is a critical hit Adelinde does an additional weapon damage to wounds against heroic or semi-heroic enemies and instantly kills any non-heroic entity.

Over-wound Shot
Stamina Cost: 6
Standard Action – Ranged Attack

Adelinde’s heavy crossbow, “Seigfried”, has been specially modified with a second winch that further distends the bow and adds more force to the shot. Turning this winch is no mean feat and puts a fair bit of stress on the bow as well but the added force when used in conjunction with some broad headed bolts that Adelinde keeps for the occasion makes a definite impact.

Effect: This attack deals double weapon damage and adds dexterity to the damage dealt. The incredible force of the blow is also enough to push the target back 5 feet when struck.


Adelinde, The Huntress

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