Ursula Orran


Joining The Vale Guard

Lady Orran was the last to join the Vale Guard, doing so long after the defense of Arland Vale that is the source of the groups title. The other members of the then unknown band had been hired by her stepfather, Baron Richard Galvix to recover her from kidnappers. The entire setup was a rouse in which the group was meant to fail but in hiring them the stepfathers image would be protected, most notably to his wife Duchess Elenore Orran. In truth the kidnappers were hired by her stepfather to abduct and then kill Ursula so that the inheritance of his wife’s titles would pass to her younger half-brother. The kidnappers did not execute Ursula as ordered however and kept her to then blackmail Galvix. After the parties successful recovery of Ursula and the confession of the bandit leader Baron Galvix was ultimately executed for his plot against House Orran. Over these events Ursula became quite fascinated with the group, and particular had developed a strong admiration of Maze Redmill, and requested to join them as way of seeing the realm and improving her abilities as a priestess of Annea which had proven woefully inadequate in her initial abduction.

As a member if The Vale Guard

Ursula was said to clash frequently with the Paladin Hesk over his more unsympathetic and militaristic approach to upholding Annea’s tenets. She quickly found close friends in Arman of Salm and Kesmen Fairfax both of whom had a tendency to support her in the ever more frequent arguments between herself and Sir Hesk. During her main tenure in the party she was avid in learning from the other party members what she could. She drilled in the use of a Halberd at the direction of Maze, studied the rituals of arcane power under the tutelage of Arman, and she begrudgingly learned of life in the underworld and gutters of Erroun from Kesmen. As the reputation of the group grew most of the members took on responsibilities offered to them by the government of Erroun which ultimately put an end to their travelling. Ursula in particular became a member of the Council of Illumination and, after her mother’s death, inherited the Duchy of Esbrook.

As Empress of Erroun

With the signing of the Treaty of the Realms it was decided that the position of emperor in Erroun should be filled by a mortal. As one would expect the debate raged for some time as to who should sit on the imperial throne. Ursula, occupying a high position on both the Council of Illumination and the Council of the Peerage and have close ties to Godthorn, who was no unquestionably the most powerful being on in the mortal realm, was ultimately the clear choice for the posistion. The early years of her reign are looked on as being a golden age for the Empire of Erroun but this all changed with the betrayal of Arman of Salm and war against the rebel nation of Adra which resulted in Ursula’s death when she sacrificed herself in a ritual in order to stop Arman and his armies that were then advancing on the capitol.

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Ursula Orran

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