The Archfey

The Archfey, also called the Fey Lords or the Eldritch Gods, are an accidental creation of the Titan War. The power of the Astral Gods touching the then raw elemental world that the Titans had forged calmed it but also gave spirit to the creation it touched. Over the course of the war as the Primordial and Divine powers clashed more of these spirits were given form and grew in power. Once the fighting of the Titan War had ended and the divine powers retreated to their realms to lick there wounds the fey the stepped out into the calm and took rulership of the material plane. The most powerful of them being the Archfey who would prove to be able to contest the gods in the wars to come.

The Summer Court

Kaldros; The Golden Elk
Dumuzi; The Green Lord
Selephra; The Queen of Brambles

The Winter Court

Aurilee; The Frost Lady
Brognor; Keeper of the Pines
Nilandra; Queen of the Winter Mirror
Netch; Lord of the Frozen Dream

Unaligned Archfey

Lolth; The Queen of Spiders

The Archfey

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