The Goddess of Shadow is portrayed as a woman in a heavy black hooded robe with her face almost completely hidden in the shadows of her cowl. Statues of Shay in Erroun often portray her with one finger placed over her lips while her other hand holds a dagger behind her back.


Shay is the diametrically opposed sister goddess of the more commonly worshipped Annea. Worship of Shay was outlawed in Erroun by the Council of Illumination after the death of Empress Orran. She is however the primary goddess of the new nation of Adra that has arisen from the disintegration of the old Errounian Empire.

Shay encourages her followers to embrace their personal ambitions and to follow through on their own desires by whatever means necessary. Dealings between Shay and her clerics are always an exchange. She grants guidance and power to mortals so they might fulfill their ambitions but only if they can give her what she needs for hers. Shay prizes knowledge more than anything else, particularity the secrets of others. She is a master manipulator and has proven very capable at taking even the most insignificant of details about the lives of others and weaving them into viscous schemes.

Worship of Shay is only loosely organized at best. Unlike most gods she recognizes no hierarchy amongst her clerics. Organizations dedicated to Shay are banded together in order create greater gifts for exchange with their goddess in return for greater rewards and tend to have little interest in spreading the worship of Shay in any general sense.


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