Maze Redmill

While now known mostly by the her titles of The Aegis or Godthorn, most commonly being referred to simply as Thorn or The Thorn in conversation, she was born Maze Redmill. The people of Erroun began to take notice of Maze as an adventurer after she and the other members of the Vale Guard took part in the heroic defense of Arland Vale in the aftermath of the Battle of the Razor Field.

While the other members of the Vale Guard began to settle in prominent roles within the Empire of Erroun, Maze left to travel abroad. Word reached Erroun before Maze herself did. One by one she had begun to challenge the gods and one by one she forced them into exile from the mortal realm. When Maze came to challenge the goddess Annea, the goddess decided to leave for her divine realm peacefully and advised other gods to do the same. In time it was Annea herself who drafted the Treaty of the Realms that would dictate the new rules of divine contest.

In accordance with her part in the treaty Maze now serves as The Aegis. She remains vigilant for any god that oversteps the Treaty of the Realms and involves themselves directly in the Mortal Realm.

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Maze Redmill

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