Manoeuvres come in two general categories: Trained and Improvised.

A Trained Manoeuvre represents something that a character has practised time and time again and can expertly execute. Trained Manoeuvres do not have to follow the general rules for Manoeuvre construction and are worked out directly with the DM. A Trained Manoeuvre is more efficient to activate in terms of stamina cost then an improvised Manoeuvre by 2 points of stamina and can include effects and activation types unavailable to Improvised Manoeuvre.

An Improvised Manoeuvre conversely represents attacks that a character has not practised but is trying to execute on the spot to fit the needs of a situation. It is constructed using the effect cost guidelines for manoeuvres and it is always a Standard Action to use an Improvised Manoeuvre. An Improvised Manoeuvre is less efficient then a Trained Manoeuvre but doesn’t need to be purchased before hand and can be tailored to fit the specific needs of the situation. The effects of an Improvised Manoeuvre must be justified by the description of the action in order to function.

Manoeuvre Effects and Costs


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