A composite language from the melding of the various regional tongues of the Illyria that emerged after the founding of the Empire of the Sun and Moon (more commonly referred to as the Illyrian empire). The language has evolved a fair bit from its first forming though the Old Illyrian dialect is still understandable if at times confusing to speakers of the current Illyrian tongue. (Similar to encountering Early Modern or Late Middle English to speakers of Modern English.)


Gratspeak is the tongue of the goblin tribes of Erroun and is used as a trade language by the various non-human nomad tribes that are found in the foothills and plains west of the Russet Empire.


The language of Fey that withdrew through the veil. Sylvan comes in several dialects though conversation between them is readily possible. The dialects are usually named for the court in which it is most prominently found. In Erroun the most active court is that of Dumuzi, the Green Lord as it maintains a gateway near the Erroun’s capitol and the Dumuzin dialect is by far the most common in the immediate region. Many courts maintain a portal somewhere on the continent and almost all had dealings with the Errounian Empire before it collapsed down to its current holdings at the onset of the civil war. Consequently all dialects can be found upon and the continent and within the current borders of Erroun to some extent.


Aklo is the language of the eldritch depths. Its scripts can be found on ancient undersea ruins and forgotten cities buried deep beneath stone and is still spoken by a few races that live beneath rock and wave. Very few in Erroun would have found cause to know of this languages existence let alone profess any sort of fluency. Unlike most such ancient languages the Aklo script does not appear to be related to either the Astral Hieroglyphs or Elemental Cuneiform scripts.


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