Kesmen Fairfax

Joining The Vale Guard

Kesmen Fairfax was a thief working with a crime organisation called the Night Earls. He fled to Arland’s Vale after a mission for the Earls caused a falling out with organisation. The details of the falling out vary from one telling to next. Common explanations include: a botched job, an unsanctioned killing, refusing a mission, or killing a partner over the death of a civilian. He got caught up in the fighting the defense of Arland Vale and afterwards agreed to adventure with rest of the Vale Guard as a way to sustain himself while staying clear of his old contacts.

As a member of The Vale Guard

Kesmen and Hesk quickly came to dislike one another. Hesk not being one to tolerate a lawbreaker and Kesmen having little interest in obeying laws. As contention between Ursula and Hesk heightened Kesmen found an unlikely ally in the future Empress and the two are noted as getting on famously, if oddly, during the groups time as adventurers.

Kesmen the Free

When the other members of the Vale Guard began to settle into politics Kesmen continued as an adventurer for a time but is was a peaceful time and there was little for him to do. Before long Kesmen took to grandiose high profile thefts in the capitol. These daring of these crimes led to great publicity though the city guard took the thefts as an insult and tried vainly to capture Kesmen. Reactions amongst the nobility where mixed. Some despised the thief’s antics while others were amused or even explained pride in having something they possessed stolen as affirming their good taste. Many of the items stolen had a tendency of appearing upon the Imperial seat to be found by Empress Orran when first granting audience on any given day. The supposed meaning of this gesture varies from bard to bard but is usually believed to either have been a slight to show that Orran could impose no law upon him or that they intended as gifts of courtship.

Kesmen in the Civil War

During the initial period of the civil war Kesmen disappeared. No one had seen or heard from him until the Arman’s army had pressed well north into Erroun and was making ready for its seige of the capitol. It was at this moment that he walked in through the front doors and asked to speak to Ursula. At the time no one knew what they spoke of but the end of the war would suggest that it was at this point that Kesmen was set upon stealing Arman’s phylactery as when he was next seen it was as Ursula lay dying and Fairfax had the Arman’s dark crown in hand along with the knowledge that they hadn’t the power to break. Especially not without Ursula. After speaking to the Empress one last time she opened a portal to a prison realm. It would be the cage to ever hold Kesmen and he entered it willingly, phlactery in hand, to lock himself in a unending duel with a man he once counted amongst his closest friends.

Kesmen Fairfax

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