Key Events

The Titan War; ~20000 PF → ~8000 PF
Reign of Fey; ~8000 PF → ~3000 PF
Age of Foundings; ~3000 PF → 146 YE
Defence of Arland Vale; 134 YE
Ursula Orran becomes Empress; 149 YE
Russet Empire formed; 149 YE
The Errounian Civil War; 179 YE → Ongoing (Presently 220 YE)
Death of Sir Hesk; 179 YE
Death of Empress Orran; 198 YE


Empire of Erroun
Kingdom of Adra
Russet Empire
Kingdom of Astrea
Grand Duchy of Estland
The Free Cities of Dravoy
Republic of Barrowmoor
Domain of the Grey Witch
Northland Orc Tribes
Blackforest Tribes


Erroun Metrognome