Joining the Vale Guard

Hajar was the golem created to serve as the guardian of Arland Vale as the counterpart to the local knight, and paladin of Annea, Sir Hesk, and is one of the founding members of the Vale Guard. After the defence of Arland Vale, Hajar was critically damaged. Hajar was consequently replaced as guardian of the Vale by a newly constructed golem as he was deemed to expensive to repair. Sir Hesk then sold his title and became a hedge knight in order to have the golem repaired out of his own pocket. The two then left the Vale for a career as adventurers alongside Maze, Arman, and Kesmen.

As a Member of the Vale Guard

Hajar seems to have been held in generally high esteem by the other members of the Vale Guard. He frequently served as a mediator during the many arguments between Sir Hesk and Ursula. As the band grew in strength Ursula and Arman continuously revised and improved the protective runes that covered Hajar. At the end of the adventuring days of the Vale Guard he had become nigh invulnerable to most opponents and had become a master of shifting the living stone of his body to realign the wards to cast their protection over others as necessary. After Orran became Empress, Hajar became her personal bodyguard at the request of Sir Hesk who took up the title of Imperial Champion.

The Errounian Civil War

Arman’s betrayal of Hajar ran deep. Hidden amongst the protective runes he had carved into Hajar over their years as comrades were sigils designed to override his sentience and turn him on Ursula at the moment of his betrayal. Upon realising that Hesk had been successful in alerting Empress Orran to his treachery Arman immediately activated these sigils before Ursula could examine Arman work of the golem to remove the trap. As the runes activated Hajar managed to hold off the magic for a time and warned Ursula of the magic’s intent. Quickly warding herself she ordered that Hajar project the magic outward as he so routinely did with his protective magics. With the magic now flowing out through the Imperial Palace all within barring Hajar and Ursula fell under the sway of the magic and stormed the throne room to kill the Empress. Hajar desperately fought to keep the other knights of the Palace Guard from Ursula and she began to destroy the runes carved into Hajar by Arman. In the end Hajar was saved but over the course of that day he was forced to kill the rest of Empresses Orran’s personal bodyguards.

With the passing of Hesk, Hajar took on the mantle of Imperial Champion along with his bodyguard duties to the Empress. Over the course of the war Hajar foiled the attempts of countless assassins aiming for the Empress’ life with his sleepless vigil. The exact details of Usrula’s death at the climax of the siege of Erroun city aren’t entirely clear. It is known that she lost her life due to a ritual she used to destroy the Lich Emperor but there are conflicted reports of the details in those final moments. Now Hajar stands unmoving and unresponsive before the Imperial Throne looking out over the grand hall and barring the path of anyone who would try to claim the now vacant throne.

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