Character Creation

Base abilities are purchased during character creation using a 25 point buy with the Pathfinder Point Buy system.

Characters get 20 Character Development Points (CDP), at level 1 in order to buy their initial features and then get 10 CDP every level thereafter.

Vitality represents your characters ability to turn an enemy’s blow into a non-critical injury through heroic skill or grit. This vitality formula is used to represent heroic beings. More ordinary entities will often have little or no vitality depending on their specific natures.
Base Vitality = HD x 5
Bonus Vitality = 1/2 HD x Con Bonus

A characters wounds is a representation of just how much punishment a character can take before they start to die.
Base Wounds = Constitution Score
Bonus Wounds = 1/2 HD

Characters gain 2 + Int Bonus in skill ranks at each level. When ranks are first put in a skill a specialisation is chosen. Checks made with the skill that fall under the specialisation get a +3 bonus.

Skills and Sample Specialisations

Breath Pool = 1/2 Con Score + 1/2 HD
Energy Pool = Con Score + HD
Body Pool = Max Breath + Max Energy

Features and CDP costs

Character Creation

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