Arman of Salm


Arman of Salm, also known as Arman the Traitor, was long renowned as Erroun’s greatest scholar and sorcerer. The details of the night of Arman’s treachery are sketchy at best. It is known that the paladin Hesk confronted Arman at Castle Clay and before dying to Arman’s sorcery used his own magic to send a message to Empress Orran warning her of Arman’s duplicity.

Arman had struck a deal with the goddess Shay. With the gods kept out of the Mortal Realm by the Aegis, Shay and Arman devised a plan. By sending her crown to Arman in the Mortal Realm he could use it as the phylactery in his transformation into a lich. Arman would become indestructible as the crown was beyond any mortal power to destroy.

In the days following the murder of Hesk, Arman hid carefully. Evading capture he began to create vast hordes of undead and called upon the all the followers of Shay in Erroun to join in his uprising. Before the year was out the empire was plunged into the Errounian Civil War.

In the end, Arman’s crown was taken into the prison plane of Carceri where he is locked in unceasing series of battles with Kesmen Fairfax. Though Shay’s new nation of Adra still stands, and the war continues.

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Arman of Salm

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