In Erroun, Annea is depicted as a beautiful dark skinned woman in a golden dress and crown with a rod in one hand and a tome in the other. Annea is most typically shown in such illustrations as sitting upon a throne or standing over a council of administrators. The Order of the Brand favours a more martial depiction in their temples and illustrations showing the Goddess of Illumination wearing golden plate and mail and armed with sword of light and the titular burning brand of their order. The Order’s temples usually show Annea at the edge of a land bathed in light carrying the brand forward into darkness.


As the Goddess of Illumination Annea demands that her followers uphold the three lights: Knowledge, Truth, and Civilization. Annea has proven herself to be a very pragmatic and benevolent deity and she has served the Empire of Erroun well as its patron goddess. She brokered an alliance with the fey that once held the island of Erroun in return for their aid in instructing her followers in the ways of Civilization. Annea herself dispensed knowledge to the architects of her empire designing building and instructing in the development of roads, fortifications, and numerous public works.

The two largest of the organizations dedicated to Annea in Erroun are the Church of The Golden Light, and the Order of the Brand. At the head of the Church of The Golden Light is the Council of Illumination which makes up one half of the current ruling body of the Errounian Empire, the other half being the Council of the Peerage. Annea herself is considered to be the Dame Grand Cross of the Order of the Brand. The knights of the Brand enjoy the benefit of nearly unanimous support by the populace of Erroun and task themselves with both protecting and spreading the Three Lights. Keeping the roads clear of bandits, guarding the great libraries, and leading colonization efforts are amongst the foremost of the Order’s duties.


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