An ancient rune carved flint axe that smells of blood.

weapon (melee)

Scourge’s maker and wielder is known now Azmon Kail, God of Vengeance. Unlike most gods, Azmon Kail was once human. Stories of the man and his motives are as varied as the bards that tell them but the origin of the axe Scourge’s power is always the same. Ruined by his sworn enemy Azmon Kail became determined to see his foe destroyed. To that end he crafted an axe and carved into his oaths of hatred. As proof of his will to see his enemy dead he turned the freshly hewed weapon on his wives and children, slaughtering them all. As the blood of his loved ones washed over the runes of hatred on the axes blade powerful magic took route their. The axe drank the blood in and took into itself all the pain of the innocents slaughtered in the name of Azmon’s vengeance. With Scourge in hand Azmon was unstoppable. He killed his enemy with ease then and continued on to slaughter that man’s entire tribe, his own tribe. With each life taken the axe seemed to grow all the more powerful and a will for violence all its own came to life in the weapon.

The more foes Azmon slew the clearer and stronger the weapon’s will became. It was then that Azmon realized that the weapons will was not his own. Though it did mirror it. The weapon thirsted most to avenge the lives that made it. More than any other, the life that Azmon’s weapon wanted was his own.


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