Sir Rochard


Human Level 10
Medium Humanoid
CDP: 96/110
Init +0; Senses Perception: +7


Ref 17(19) Fort 19 Will 18
Vitality 55 Wounds 17
DR 10/armour (Plate and Scale)


Speed 30ft (20ft armoured)
Stamina 11/22/33
Attack Bastard Sword +10 melee (1d10 +4/ 17-20 )


Str 18, Dex 10, Con 12, Int 14, Wis 16, Cha 12
1/2 Level Bonus 5
Exotic Weapon Proficiency(Bastard Sword)
Weapon Focus(Bastard Sword)
Improved Critical(Bastard Sword)
Mounted Combat
Power Attack
Cleaving Finish
Great Cleave
Improved Cleaving Finish

Martial Weapon Prof – 4
Heavy Armour Prof. – 5
Attribute Increase Strength x3 – 6+7+8 (21)
Attribute Increase Constitution – 6
Trained Manoeuvre (Warding Stance) – 4
Trained Manoeuvre (Veteran’s Slash) – 4
Trained Manoeuvre (Disabling Cut) – 4
Manoeuvre Specialisation (Additional Attack) II – 10
Manoeuvre Specialisation (Extra Weapon Damage) II – 10
Manoeuvre Specialisation (Shift) I – 4
Manoeuvre Specialisation (Ongoing Damage) I – 4
Bonus Skill Points (10) – 5
Bonus Feat – 5
Bonus Feat – 5
Bonus Feat – 5

Knowledge (Religion) +7, Knowledge (History) +13, Knowledge (Nobility) +7, Sense Motive +13, Percpetion +7, Survival +7, Ride +10

Illyrian, Sylvan (Astric), Gratspeak


Warding Stance
Stamina Cost: 3 per round
Minor Action Activate/Sustain — Stance

Sir Rochard days as a Palace guardsmen during the early years of the civil war have taught him the importance of looking out for the soldier beside him. To that end he has honed his ability to keep a constant watchful eye for attacks aimed against his fellow combatants and to quickly intercede with a quick slash of his blade to foul any such attacks.

Effect: While in this stance Sir Rochard can make a basic melee attack as an Immediate Interrupt against any enemy that attacks an ally adjacent to Sir Rochard. If this attack hits the target takes a -2 to its attack roll.

Veteran’s Slash
Stamina Cost: 5
Standard Action — Melee Attack

Sir Rochard long days as a knight has given him an intuitive grasp of the timing needed to sweep under an opponents defence and hit them to where he will inflict the greatest damage.

Effect: Sir Rochard makes a melee attack with a +2 to-hit and a bonus on the damage roll equal to his Wisdom Modifier.

Disabling Cut
Stamina Cost: 6
Standard Action — Melee Attack

Sir Rochard has trained to deal viscous cuts to the muscles and tendon of his opponents upper body to sap them of the strength they need to pierce through the thick armour favoured by the Palace Guard.

Effect: If this attack hits Sir Rochard deals double weapon damage and makes a secondary attack against Fortitude. Should this succeed the target takes a penalty on damage rolls equal to Sir Rochard’s Strength Modifier. Each round at the end of the opponents turn Sir Rochard repeats this Secondary Attack to see if they are able to shake this strikes effects. This effect ends automatically if the target receives magical healing of an amount equal to or greater then Rochard’s Strength Modifier.


Sir Rochard is an elderly knight of the Order of the Brand and a veteran of the war against Adra and was captain of the palace guard during the siege of Erroun city. He was vocally critical of the council of Illumination in the years immediately following Empress Orran’s death. Sir Rochard was eventually removed from his position as the Council of Illumination thanked him for his dedicated service to the former empress and ordered him into a “well earned retirement”. He is now attached to the Mar household as a tutor to Lady Cassandra and her siblings and was one of only two knights of the Order to volunteer to go on the mission to rescue Lady Cassandra.

Sir Rochard

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