Sir Asren


Human Level 6
Medium Humanoid
CDP: 70/70
Init +2; Senses ; Perception +0


Ref 14(16) Fort 17 Will 16
Vitality 36 Wounds 17
DR 9/armour (Plate and Chain)


Speed 30ft
Stamina 10/20/30
Attack Longsword +8 melee (1d8 +4/ 19-20 )


Str 18, Dex 12, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 8, Cha 16
1/2 Level Bonus 3

Weapon Focus (Longsword)
Power Attack
Mounted Combat
Spirited Charge

Martial Weapon Prof. – 4
Heavy Armour Prof. – 5
Trained Manoeuvre (Spirited Offence) – 4
Spell Access (Burst Healing) – 2
Spell Access (Damage, Will – Radiant) – 2
Spell Access (AoE) – 2
Manoeuvre Specialisation (Extra Stat Charisma) – 4
Spell Specialisation (AoE) – 4
Bonus Feat – 5
Bonus Feat – 5
Bonus Feat – 5
Bonus Skills (18 Ranks) – 9
Focused Target – 10
Animal Companion (Charger) EDL 2 – 8

Diplomacy +9; Knowledge (Nobility) +6; Knowledge (History) +6; Ride +7; Jump +7; Swim +7; Perception +4; Linguistics +1



Spirited Offence
Stamina Cost: 2 per round
Minor Action Activate/Sustain — Stance

Sir Asren has trained to fight in a team and drag down the defences of his enemies. He channels the light of Annea into his blade to create distracting flashes of light and continuously chops at their weapons to push them out of optimal position and demand the enemy’s attention. This extra exertion can cause Asren to tire quickly but in the meantime his target is left dangerously compromised against the attacks of others.

Effect: Asren now inflicts Cha Mod in Onslaught points at the end of his turn against those he has attacked with a melee weapon instead of the normal 1.


Sir Asren is an up and coming knight of the Order of the Brand and a cousin of Lady Cassandra. Upon hearing of his cousin’s abduction he immediately rushed to the Mar estate and volunteered his services in rescuing her. To his frustration none of the friends he had previously fought beside in the Order answered his call to join the rescue mission. Though most did enlist for the larger attack that is to follow it.

Sir Asren

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