Within the last century the gods walked the earth and led mortals into titanic wars that shook the world and left ruin in their wake. Amongst these wars arose a band of great heroes, the Vale Guard. From amongst the Vale Guard arose a hero unlike the rest. She challenged gods to single combat one after another, defeated them, and bid them to withdraw from the mortal world. Knowing how readily her power could tip the scales of a war long held in the balance the gods agreed to speak with her on terms for her non-involvement in their affairs. In the end, the gods agreed to remove themselves from the material and leave the fate of the mortal world to be decided by mortals. The struggle for dominance for the material realm would be one now of divine influence and not one of divine presence. This hero, now called the Aegis formally but Godthorn by most, then withdrew from the world to stand watch for any god that may try to break the pact.

In the sudden absence of the gods new powers rose to prominence. The Vale Guard took leadership of the Empire of Erroun that was founded by the goddess of light, knowledge, and civilization, Annea. There was a brief golden age before the nature of the wars to come in this new Age of Mortals showed itself. The influence of Shay, goddess of shadow, secrets, and avarice, turned the Vale Guard against itself and split her sister goddess’ prized empire into a terrible civil war. The fighting came to a terrible head 22 years ago. At the fightings end, the Vale Guard were all either slain or imprisoned barring the Stone Sentinel. The two sides, suddenly bereft of leadership, withdrew to lick their wounds.

Now skirmishes are once again escalating into battles and the lull in the fighting looks to be coming to an end. War is rekindling, deific machinations churn beneath the surface, and there are no heroes to lead the way.